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When one creates a new song, it is shared with others through some sources. Many music submission services help an individual share their music with the audience. To see the growth of the new music, one must submit music to blogs, online discussions, and social media. These sources help one get proper recognition and appreciation for their talent. The music submission services make the long path easy and help one share the music to a broader audience through their sources. But, before giving the music to any submission service, there are some things that one must consider.

In the article, we will give tips for choosing the best music submission services to gain the popularity that one deserves. The music must encounter good music blogs and discussions where it gets proper recognition.

  1. One should find the services promote which kind of music

Several services have different genres of promoting the music before submitting the audio. One should check these things. Specific blogs only promote certain kinds of music; details about the services should be checked if one wants to submit your music to blogs. Extensive research should be performed before contacting music blogs or sending services to promote the new song to the audience.

  1. One should have the correct contact details 

One should focus on contacting the right blogs and services as they can help the song reach a wider audience through their blogs and social media. The right contacts help the creator spread their new song among like-minded people. The details should be sent, in the correct format, including the name, and email ID, to make an impression on the service providers.

  1. One must be visible to music bloggers 

A music blogger and the service provider must know about the creator and the work they have done to write and create the song, as the work says a lot about the personality of the one creating the music. One must provide the links and social media handles, as well to the bloggers to know about the engagement and the work one has done and uploaded on their handles. All these factors are essential to submit a new song and getting published in a music blog.


If one wants to choose the best music submission services, following these tips is the best way. These tips help one to get exposure to the public and help them to showcase their talent in a better way. The music submission services help one get the perfect platform for their art, as these service providers and bloggers help one to gain popularity through the art. Mainly the song is published in blogs that make people listen to it and make it popular among them, resulting in higher traffic. If one wants their song to become popular among people, then this is the best way they can submit your music to blogs to make them get admired. All these blogs will help one’s song reach growth that he never expected.

Attack on Titan is a Japanese anime series created by Hajime Isayama. The series is based on a manga written by Isayama and serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. It has been adapted into three television anime seasons and two animated feature films.

Let’s hear the back story of this popular anime series:

A long time ago, humans were the dominant species on Earth. Then a new species appeared, an alien race called “Eren.” This alien race was not so different from humans in terms of appearance and characteristics; however, they had a completely different goal and wanted to dominate the human race. They started their invasion by attacking and destroying everything human or related to humans.

The only way to stop them was through military force. Fortunately for humanity, humanity has some great leaders: King Bradley and Eren Jaeger (the main characters of Attack on Titan). These two leaders lead their nation’s army against the aliens’ invasion force.

After defeating the aliens, the humans decided to build a wall between themselves and their enemies’ planet after many years of work.

Who are the titans in the anime?

The attack on titan anime is an exciting and successful franchise in Japan. It has been running for over 40 years and has inspired several anime series, live-action films, and video games.

The main characters of the series are the titans that the mysterious “God of Destruction creates” (also known as “the God”). The titans are made from metal, making them highly durable and rugged. Human beings can also control them through their power to manipulate matter.

In the anime, many characters have a significant impact on the story. The main character of Attack on Titan is Eren Jaeger, who is part of the military and has extraordinary power. He is also known as “the titan killer” because he can kill Titans using his titanic forces.

Why is there animosity between titans and humans in this anime?

In Attack on Titan, the narrative is focused on the titans. While there are humans who also fight against the titans but they are not as crucial as the titans. The human characters are also important in this anime, and their conflict with each other is exciting to watch.

The main reason for hatred between humans and titans is their different purposes in life: humans want to live a life without limits while titans wish to live without limits, making them fight against each other.

The anime is about titans, gigantic humanoid creatures who live in the underground world of humanity. The Titans are the only species that live in the human world without any fear of danger. However, they do not have any human emotions or desires as humans; they are entirely emotionless and cannot be described as having thoughts or feelings. It makes them very difficult to deal with humans.

Which attack on titan character are you? Let’s find out!

With the growing popularity of this anime, more and more people are getting engrossed in the world of titans and humans. A general question arises in these anime fans’ minds: which attack titan character are you?

To find out which attack on titan character are you, you might want to do the following:

  1. Find the character in question and look for the name of their attack on Titan.
  2. Find the character’s name in your dictionary and search for it there.
  3. If it doesn’t exist, Google will show you a list of characters that have that name (e.g., “Hannibal Lecter”).
  4. Do short and quick research on which character you wish to be like, and enter the character quiz.