Complete Guide On The Knock Knees And Bow Legs

Knock knees are also called the knock-knee deformity and the knocked knee. This is the problem in which the person’s alignment of the knees can affect, which can leave an imprint on the person for the ages.

Knock knees are the issue that can lead to knee pain or joint degeneration. If the proper treatment of the knock knees is done, then the person will help in reducing the level of pain the people.

Are Knock Knees Normal?

In general cases, it is seen that the knock knees affect both the legs of the person. But in certain circumstances, they might involve just a single portion of a person. For example, when a child is an infant, then the problem of the knock knees is common among people.

But as time grows in case if the problem continues to exist, it can even be dangerous for the people. Therefore, if the issues persist even after the age of 6 years, it is a concern for the people.

Reason For The Knock Knees

Generally, there is not a specific reason for the occurrence of the knock knees. This is a common practice seen among children at an early age when they are learning to walk and run. But if this issue is seen at an older age, then it might be due to many the reasons; the main reasons that are responsible for the knock knees of the person are:

  • Metabolism Disease.
  • Failure of the kidney at an early age.
  • In case the person faces the physical trauma.
  • Ricket is another root cause of the knock disease that is caused due to the lack of the vitamin c.

Diagnosis Of The Knock Disease

If the person is facing any of the below-mentioned symptoms, he can just visit the orthopedist. Some tests will be conducted on the person, including the X-ray and the EOS. It will help to determine whether the person is facing the knock disease. Some of the common symptoms of this issue are as follows:

  • Pain in the knee or the hip of the person.
  • Foot or the ankle pain.
  • Stiffness in the joints.
  • Not able to touch the feet when standing straight.

Treatment Of The Problems

There is no doubt that people are facing a variety of issues these days due to their uneven lifestyles. Various options have been invented with technological advancement to provide relief to the person.

One of the best options is the bow legs correction exercise for adults as it is the option without any kind of side effects on the person. He will feel relaxed in fewer periods only.

Some of the options available for the treatment include the following:

  • Medication

The first thing that a person can do is consult with the doctor and take the medication as per the doctor’s prescription that the doctor has given. If the patient takes medicine at the right time and in the proper manner, then they will surely get the relief in a certain period of the time.

  • Exercise

If a person does not wish to consume the medicines they have some sort of side effects, then they can just opt for the exercise that will give them even early relief. There is a variety of activities available for the people, out of which they can go for the best option.

  • Side lunges

It is considered the best option to improve the body’s overall alignment. After that, the person will just have to do the movement of the legs on both the ides. Lunges are the exercise that must be repeated by the person 10 to 12 times.

  • Lying abduction

The person has to lie down on the follow, keeping both the legs on top of each other. Then lift the leg on the top is done to 45 degrees and holds the leg in the air for one second. The repetition is done ten times.

  • Surgeries

The surgeries are available for the person to get the alignment of the legs better. This option will give sure results, but proper care is required in types of procedures. Even the cost that a person has to bear is high.

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