Everything One Needs To Know About Popularity Of Cheongsam Fashion!

Cheongsam also referred to as qipao, is a one-piece dress material that got its origin in the Manchu-ruled china in around the 17th century. This is a beautiful dress worn by the women who got inspired by the ethnic style of the Manchu people. 

There are going to be some of the detailed aspects about the cheongsam fashion which everybody is unaware about. So, it is important to learn about its culture by understanding every aspect of fashion. 

History Of Cheongsam 

  • Dress regulations are formed in order to imply and express a way of the identity of people through their clothing. For example, the cheongsam was a long gown back then, which is commonly related to the male attire. 
  • But slowly, this got transformed, and further, it got feminization acquired on this dressing style which becomes really shorter and tighter which can only be suited to the female body. This got popular and rose in the consumer culture of the society. 
  • People want to have a more modernized and stylish version of clothing, so they decided to transform the old cheongsam to the new tastes and style. 
  • High-class celebrities and others made the redesigned cheongsam popular all around the city at that point in time. This captured the whole market in order to get the stylized and popular dresses available. 

  • Appearance Of A Cheongsam

The original cheongsam was wide when worn at the time of Manchu rule. It comes with a high neck design and a straight skirt along with it. It is a full-covered body dress for a female which reflects only her head, hands, and the toes. 

Earlier, in the traditional sense, it was made of a silk material which got featured with the embroidery at the borders to enhance its look. But, in today’s time, the whole style has evolved; it is more stylish yet gives a more diligent look in appearance. 

Modern variations come with bell sleeves or sleeveless, and also, there is a variety of different fabrics used for the material. This is most liked by the people today, as it’s comfier and trendy at the same time. 

  • When To Wear Cheongsam 

Earlier in the 17th century, this dress material was worn in everyday routine, but slowly, due to changes in time, the style of clothing also got changed as their aspect of wearing. So after the 1920s, it was worn in a casual manner which is quite often.

But today, women don’t prefer to wear this attire in some everyday rituals; rather, it is worn today only during at the time of some formal occasions like meetings or wedding ceremonies which have become part of their culture in everyday life.

Now, there are different occasions and events where these dresses are worn and considered as the right attire with respect to their culture and tradition. So, here are some of these elements which are as follows-

  • Workplace 

Today, in the modern era, the cheongsam attire is being used as a uniform in the airlines, which is specially worn by the females to show their cultured attire. The attire is used in a plain color, which combines with the suit jacket to form a proper sequence of attire. 

  • School Uniform 

A few schools, whether primary or secondary, still use the old form of attire uniform among their students. They keep a very decent color of their uniform so that all look equal and subtle at the same time. These cheongsams are in a straight form with no waist shaping, and it reaches down to the knees. 

  • Festivities 

This is chosen as one of the best outfits for the festive season in the countries which have Chinese culture. It is worn by almost every woman in order to show cultured attire at the time of festive. One can also visit Sexy Cheongsam Fashion Shop, which gives a variety of options to choose from of your choice. 

  • Weddings And Events 

Especially in the western culture of weddings and events, the Chinese brides will surely offer to wear a cheongsam on their wedding day. It becomes a part of their tradition and culture to wear a white-colored cheongsam dress.


Today, the cheongsam dress material comes in a variety of options like silk, velvet, lace, and even cotton. Moreover, it can be carried with any options of beds and embroidery of your preferences and choices regarding the style. 

Furthermore, this is a Chinese-inspired culture that is prevailing in many countries today and makes up their space in different cultures. However, it is important to consider all the aspects so that you can know about this dress culture and how one can carry this to enhance their look and overall personality. 

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