Five Steps To Start a Bodyguard Services Business

As the fear of terrorism and abduction throughout the world grows, so does the need for personal bodyguards and security guards. Opportunities for anybody interested in starting a security bodyguard company are increasing because of the growing demand for bodyguards from high-profile persons, including corporate leaders, journalists, activists, and others.

Determine whatever talents you possess that are unique to you

Those who want to establish a bodyguard company but have no previous expertise in the security field may find it difficult to obtain customers. When a company owner lacks business acumen, he or she cannot be trusted with the safety of his or her customers. In most nations, a bodyguard or security guard has to be at least 18 years old to work. It will be far more difficult for those with criminal records to receive a weapons license and security clearance. To establish this firm, you’ll need military or law enforcement expertise, such as serving as a bodyguard or detective.

Based on the characteristics of your target audience, determine what kind of security services your company should provide. Services offered by bodyguard firms include weapons training and installation and maintenance of security systems, as well as protection for special events and the education of security dogs. Bodyguards who can also act as translators, such as those who know a foreign language, maybe a good match for corporate clients because of the demographics. For the bodyguard services in London, the best choices are there.

Find out whether the licensing board in your state has any criteria for private investigators and security licenses.

In states like California and Georgia, the owners of security services must undergo criminal history background checks before launching their businesses.

To carry a firearm while working as a security guard, you must be licensed to do so by your state. Candidates seeking a Minnesota gun carry permit must have extensive weapons training or law enforcement experience.

Create a business strategy for the security bodyguard company and ask for finance

The start-up costs of a security business are high because of the additional expenses such as the need for a weapons license, the cost of completing criminal background checks on potential employees, and the requirement of regular security training to keep skills current. Some of the expenses that security bodyguard business owners will have to bear include office space, advertising, payroll, insurance, and numerous other necessities. Throughout the financing process, it will be helpful to define costs and educate lenders about the security bodyguard company.

Renting office space in a professional building is an option to consider

To be hired as a security bodyguard, a customer’s faith in the company’s ability to protect them is a critical factor. Locate your business in an area where your target customer base can easily be reached. Clients of residential security firms may want to have a presence near their homes, while customers of corporate security companies may try to establish a presence near the company offices.

Staff and bodyguards are required

Be proactive in trying to lure security bodyguards away from your area’s well-known rivals in the security bodyguard market. These individuals are well-versed in providing security and bodyguard services. Those who have worked in the security industry for a while already have ties with their customers and know how to grow a security organization. Talk to a recruiter specializing in security recruiting to develop a hiring strategy. Law enforcement recruiters with relevant experience may be found via the National Law Enforcement Recruiters’ Association.

The last step is to get both personal and commercial liability insurance

This is a must-have for any security or bodyguard service. In some places, including California, you may be refused a driver’s license if you don’t have evidence of insurance. Private patrol operators in California who use armed security guards must have $1 million in liability insurance in the event of an accident or death.

Set your shop somewhere and start looking for new customers

Clients need to trust your ability to protect them before they employ you, so keep this in mind. Consult with an interior designer to create an inviting greeting area and meeting space. Consequently, customers are more inclined to think highly of your company.

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