Laser Hair Removal: Myths and Facts That You Should Know

Hair removal treatments have become increasingly popular over the last few years as people look for ways to get rid of unwanted hair. One of the most common methods is laser hair removal, especially for those searching for “Laser hair removal near me“. It uses a concentrated beam of light energy to target individual hairs and permanently reduce their growth. While laser hair removal is generally very safe and effective, there are many myths and misunderstandings surrounding it that can lead to confusion or even put you off getting treatment. In this article, we’ll dispel some of the biggest misconceptions about laser hair removal so that you can feel more informed when making your decision.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

It’s important to understand what exactly laser hair removal involves before looking at any myths or misconceptions about it. As mentioned above, laser hair removal uses a concentrated beam of light energy (usually in the form of an IPL machine) to target individual hairs and permanently reduce their growth over time. This process causes damage to the follicle which prevents new hairs from growing back in their place, resulting in long-term reduction of unwanted body or facial hair. 

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work? 

The exact mechanics behind how laser hair works are rather complicated but essentially involve heating up the melanin (pigment) within each strand of unwanted hair while leaving the surrounding skin unaffected. By doing this, the laser targets only those hairs with enough pigment to heat up while leaving uncolored areas like peach fuzz untouched. After several treatments, fewer hairs are able to grow back due to damage inflicted by repeated exposure to lasers. 

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe? 

Yes! The technology used in modern laser machines has been rigorously tested and deemed safe for use on humans by various medical bodies around the world including the FDA in America and TGA in Australia – provided they are operated by trained professionals with experience in administering such treatments safely. Furthermore, reputable clinics will always take appropriate safety precautions such as providing protective eyewear for clients during treatment and using hand-held cooling devices designed to protect skin from overheating caused by lasers. 

Does It Hurt? 

This really depends on your own pain threshold but typically patients report feeling little more than a “snapping” sensation similar to that experienced during waxing or plucking treatments when undergoing laser sessions – usually no worse than mild discomfort followed immediately afterward by a cool refreshing sensation from aftercare products applied afterward such as gels or icepacks designed specifically for soothing heated skin post-treatment.  

Are There Any Side Effects?

The vast majority of people report no significant side effects following treatment other than possible redness or irritation directly around treated areas – both of which tend to resolve themselves within 24 hours after treatment has been completed assuming appropriate aftercare measures have been taken such as avoiding direct sunlight until fully healed etc.  

Will I Need Multiple Treatments?

In most cases yes – depending on where you live multiple sessions may be required spaced out between 6 weeks apart depending on your specific needs and goals set out prior to consultation with a qualified technician who will assess your case individually before beginning treatment plans.  

Can All Types Of Hair Be Removed With Lasers?

No not all types – lighter colored/blonde/red/grey/white hairs cannot be effectively targeted with current technology due e lack of pigmentation present in these strands compared to dark black-brown shades so may require alternative forms if complete results are desired – speak trained professional discuss options available suit lifestyle needs best.  


As we’ve discussed here today there are certainly some myths and facts associated with the process of removing unwanted bodies via lasers however the overall procedure is considered a safe effective way to achieve near-permanent results requiring minimal maintenance upkeep once the initial plan is completed just remember always speak medical practitioner carry out any procedures make sure fully aware risks involved order make well-informed decisions future reference.

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