Muscle Building Tips – 4 Muscle Building Myths Exposed

Muscle building tips are an integral part of increasing muscle size and strength. However, many novice bodybuilders believe several myths about the muscle building process, according to JBHNews. Some people may believe that they can simply lift heavy weights and eat a lot of protein to build muscle, while others may think that they need to train every day in order to see results. However, the reality is that muscle building is a complex process that requires a combination of proper training, nutrition, and rest. In order to build muscle effectively, you need to follow a well-rounded program that includes a mix of compound exercises, high-intensity training, and adequate rest and recovery. By following these tips and seeking out reliable sources of information, such as JBHNews, you can optimize your muscle building efforts and achieve your goals more effectively.

1 . If you want big muscles , eat a high-protein diet

The idea here is consuming a lot of protein will build big muscles. While this partially true, the process isn’t as simple as this. Protein does play an important role in building bigger muscles . But if you overdo the protein , you are likely to gain more body fat and muscle.

While protein helps to build bigger muscles, consuming more protein than your body requires won’t help you build bigger muscles faster. If you consume too much protein, your body will store the excess protein as fat, instead of burning it. So , increasing the volume of protein you consume will simply result in gaining more weight, without helping you build bigger muscles .

So , if you want to build bigger muscles, you must consume the right quantity of protein. You should consume about 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight every day. But remember, that this number is not the number of grams or calories you consume, but the number of grams of protein you consume . For example, if you are 6 foot 2 inches tall and weigh 140lbs, you should consume about 135 grams of protein daily.

You can consume more protein than this , but it’s only recommended if you’re a bodybuilder who needs to pack on muscle mass as quickly as possible .

2 . The more you work out , the faster you will increase muscle size

This is one of the most common myths about muscle building. Many novice bodybuilders believe that the more they work out, the faster they will increase muscle size. However , this is not true .

There’s a misconception that the more you work out , the faster you will develop muscles. While this is true to some extent, the more you work out doesn’t mean you will build muscle faster. On the contrary, if you work out excessively, it will lead to overtraining and ultimately injury .

If you work out excessively for a long time without taking sufficient rest in between your workouts , your body will enter a fatigue state called overtraining and you will experience adverse effects like muscle loss .

So, if you want to increase muscle size fast , you must work out moderately and slowly. Do not exercise excessively or lift heavy weights all the time. The key to build muscles fast is lifting heavier weights and working out less rather than working out more and lifting lighter weights .

3 . Training the same muscle groups on consecutive days will result in a growth spurt

The idea is that training the same muscle groups on consecutive days will lead to an increase in muscle mass and strength . This myth is actually true to a certain extent but it is more of a myth that involves over-exercising and overtraining.

Training the same muscle groups over and over again is one of the most common ways for novice bodybuilders to over-train their muscles . This can result in muscle loss and injury.

So if you want to build muscle quickly, you need to train different muscle groups each day. For instance , you can train your chest on one day and your back muscles on the next day and so on .

4 . You can gain extra strength by lifting heavy weights

The idea is that lifting heavy weights will result in increased strength . While this partly true , gaining extra strength isn’t as simple as this.

Lifting heavy weights do lead to increased strength but this only applies if your weight training routine involves heavy weights . If your routine involves light weights only , it won’t lead to increased strength.

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