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Just as in any other walk of life, myths about pets find their way around the world and often in our mail boxes. And a common question that is asked is whether they are indeed fact, or simply old wives’ tales. So today I thought I’d turf a few of these well-worn myths into the Bark Ages where they rightfully belong!

You can’t believe everything you read on the world wide web either, because the information out there could be a junior janitor’s bloggings or a couple of talented computer wiz kids having you on!

So here a few of the better known myths about pets. Let’s call them ‘fairy tales’ for want of a better description.

The Bonsai Kitten

I’m sure everyone remembers the Kitten In The Bottle myth which sent pet lovers into a frenzy of signing petitions and baying for the blood of the cruel perpetrators who were growing a real live Bonsai Cat in a glass bottle …and there was the photo of the cute healthy, bright eyed, little moggy, pretty much squashed double into a narrow, necked glass container, to prove it too!

And while I know scientists get up to the most amazing experiments, if only those dear, tender hearted, gullible folk had just stopped and taken a deep breath, they would surely have realized that such a feat is an impossibility … and for many reasons too – the main one being there was no kitty loo facility!

In fact shortly after the anti-cruelty crusaders got involved, some very red faced Chinese computer students came forward to apologize for the furor they had caused, explaining the whole thing had started as a bet … that no one would fall for the prank!

Raisins and grapes – are they safe for your pet to eat?

Recently a warning went around about raisons being lethal for dogs. It claimed “even as few as 7 raisins fed to a 30kilo dog” could be lethal. And grapes, it appeared, also fell into the same category as they too caused sudden renal failure.

I must say I couldn’t help feeling some one was pulling some one’s socks with this old wives’ tale, so I took the liberty of checking this pet myth out with a professor of veterinary medicine and here is his reply:

“The 7 raisins information is hard to believe. Poisoning is always a matter of ‘dosage per weight’ and I do not think 7 raisins could harm a 30 kg dog. I also believe there is a clear distinction between raisins and grapes. We had a little Fox terrier who stole ripe grapes from the vines, and also in practice I had a number of other dogs eating grapes and fruit. The worst symptom was diarrhea due to the high fibre and undigested sugars. It was easy to treat. Raisins’ composition is not the same as grapes.”

Also bear in mind your pet may have an individual allergy to a certain foodstuff which should then be avoided at all costs.


Chocolate contains a substance called theobromine, found in the cocoa bean, and is the feel-good stuff which apparently  dogs metabolize very slowly, and if consumed in large doses could have a serious effect on the animal’s heart, kidneys and central nervous system. So this myth does contain some elements of fact.

But here’s the shock – chocolate actually carries the same risk to your dog as the ingestion of other common household items such as coffee, tea, cola, beverages and certain house plants!

The truth is, all poisoning is a matter of ‘dosage per weight.’ For example, little Tiddlely-pom-pom, a 3 Kilo Pomeranian would need to gobble up a whole slab of chocolate, all at once, to be seriously affected.

Furthermore, scientific studies on the subject do not seem to exist either … take my word for it, millions of healthy dogs, with fat butts, all over the world, enjoy the odd chocolate with no serious ill effects.

Garlic good, Onions bad?

Now here’s a very controversial pet myth, because most ‘experts’ claim garlic is good for fleas and health, and onions are poisonous and bad, but in fact both these plants are from the same family. Again, always exercise caution and never overdose … remember every thing in moderation.

Human medication – this is definitely fact

This pet myth is certainly fact – never medicate pets with human medication or mixtures which could, and often does, prove fatal.

Never administer any analgesic to cats because a dose could be absolutely lethal! Always consult your vet.

Used engine oil and black dip – will it work as a pesticide?

This pet myth is definitely NOT FACT. Using these two substances as a pesticide is probably one of the fastest ways to kill your pet or farm animals – and in the most painful and brutal way. Using these two poisons as to eradicate fleas and ticks is both barbaric and an old wives tale, as all it will achieve are fatal, third degree burns.

Raw meat

An old wives’ tale – raw meat categorically does not make your dog vicious! All my dogs have been raised on raw meat and all are “pussy cats”!

In fact, raw meat will probably calm your dogs because it’s their natural heritage being carnivores by choice, and omnivores by necessity! You don’t agree? Well why not try the tongue-tip- test … go ahead and offer him a juicy steak and a plate of lentils and see which he chooses.

The ‘Vicious’ story probably originated from a hungry dog’s response to having his bone taken away … it works in much the same way as a mugger trying to steal your gold watch! The more gold watches you own, the less you’ll fight to get it back – in the same way, the more bones Rover gets, the less valuable they will seem to him.


Bones are your salvation, especially for destructive puppies!

Please remember under no circumstances should cooked bones be given to dogs or cats because they could prove fatal.

The winter is fast approaching and it’s never the fanciest season for pets, at least for dogs. As temperatures dip below 40 F, some dogs cannot just put up.

As an avid pet keeper, I have strived to make sure that my 3-year-old Christie is not stunned by the winter dip.

Christie is not your hardcore gal in the chills. She practically pulls into shivers and she cannot just take it. After all, her coat isn’t that overly-furred.

I learned how super important covering the dog’s belly was when I visited the Vet. He recommended a list of substantial waterproof coats that could cover the chest, back and the belly.

In my research, my top pick Hurtta Pet Collection Summit Parka is not only a high-quality product but also comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate many dogs.

These dog coats are resistant to water and keep the dog warm and dry even in cold weather. In this guide, I explore the different kinds of coats for insulation that will help your canine put up with the Winter Fall and still come out sound and safe in the end.

This is Why Your Dog Needs a Waterproof Dog Coat

Dog apparel for winter is no doubt a necessity for any serious pet lover. I know many pet owners are aware of the importance of these wears in cold weather.

The waterproof dog coats that cover belly are going to supply warmth and dryness for your shorter-haired dog so that he’s perfectly sound in both mental and physical health during winter.

With mercury plummeting fast down the tube, even a splash of snow on your dog’s underside or chest can be damaging if it happens consistently. So, with a waterproof dog coat, this additional insulation can be worth a consideration.

Neck-to-tail protection provided by the coats and jackets is vital when your pet buddy is venturing outside with you most of the time. You want to make sure that his body is not getting wetted all over.

With a snug fit of the coat, your canine companion is definitely comfortable. Most of these apparels are crafted not to be tight or interfere with the comfort of your pet.

The other great thing is that you will have a stress-free ride through the cold. There’s nothing that hurts more when your little buddy is not at ease. However, your fears will be definitely eliminated so that you are at peace.

The coats are going to be a key essential for your poodles when you shave them. And in such condition, yet in icy winter days and nights, you know that these apparels are going to be the perfect real-time investment.

What to Look for When Purchasing Waterproof Dog Coats that Cover Belly

There are a number of things you must consider before purchasing a dog coat. It was never going to be smooth to secure the perfect fit of this apparel.

The best waterproof dog coats with chest and belly protection should be able to fit your dog snug and fine. Here are quick tips on how to buy a dog coat.


It would only be fair if the function feature came in the front. You must look for a product that would cover your dog’s belly completely without leaving any part exposed.

You want to block any instances of water splash and wetting of the underbelly. The next aspect is chest protection which should be prioritized to avoid the chest from being wet as well as being affected by cold blowing winds.

The dog coats with legs may come a long way to help your miniature dogs. Check for this leg protection feature if the circumstance demands.


To keep your dog dry and warm, you cannot play down the material quality. Is this material waterproof?

The outer shell should be splash-proof, polyester material with a waterproof label. A Ripstop Nylon Fabric is also another top-quality material.

Keep in mind that the waterproofness will not keep away all the water from your dog. But will actually withstand a certain level of wetness.

Fit and Comfort

It’s required that you find a snug fit apparel for your dog friend. You may need to physically measure the neck-to-tail area and then find a suitable cut.

While it’s not easy to locate a perfect match, the act of measuring serves as an estimative guideline. Worth noting that a tight coat or jacket may only strangulate your pet instead of administering comfort.

Safety and Warmth

Good insulation is very important for the warmth of your dog. Most waterproof dog coats that cover belly are stuffed with fleece to help boost your dog’s body temperature.

When it comes to safety, some of these wear come with reflective piping or patches. This allows your dog friend to be seen from far by road users on traffic.

Waterproof Dog Coats that Cover Belly and Chest Reviews

You are going to find the Ruffwear Sun Shower your dog’s coat of choice if you will be wading in the rainy surroundings. So, it’s not the true-to-type waterproof dog coat for walking in ice-cold condition but will do just fine in the rain to avoid wetting your dog.

What this means is that this coat is the best option for dogs operating in weathers which are not so cold to warrant a warm jacket.

Coming as a coat for dogs with chest girths ranging from 13-42 inches, the Ruffwear Sun Shower has no insulation. But it is a waterproof apparel that repels water well and keeps your dog dry as he navigates the wet walks.

The lightweight coat is quite easy to put on and gives your dog the edge in cuteness. It does not come with an opening to attach a leash for walking your dog but rather allows you to only walk with a collar.

The fact that the dog coat can fit on the backs of different dogs makes it a super product ideal for what you expect it to do.

With easy-to-attach buckles (for humans) and hard to remove (for dogs), Ruffwear has hit it right on spot.

Without a good Golf Iron Set, your game is nothing.

So, it’s a fact that, in the game of Golf, whether you are a professional or a beginner, you need to be very precise in your Iron sets, because it matters the most in your gameplay.

It’s important for you to get the right Irons that suits your style of play. So, keeping that in mind, we spent some long hours selecting the 10 Best game Improvement Irons 2018, so that you have the luxury to choose the best from the best.

Let’s get into the business end, and I promise that I won’t drag you to unnecessary posts.

Best Game Improvement Irons 2018:

To be very honest, there are tons of Game Improvement Irons available in the market, and for many players, including professionals find it tough to choose the best Irons for themselves.

So, the sole purpose of this content is to provide all the necessary information about the game improvement Irons so that you can choose the best Iron for yourself.

TaylorMade has managed to produce the excellent Golf Irons with a lower center of Gravity (CG), and that’s where they are edging the rest of the market for me.


The manufacturers of the TaylorMade M2 Irons have really done a great job of combining the stronger face slots with steep landing angle.

The primary purpose of adding the steep landing angle is to provide the high ground for more distance and speed. It won’t be wrong if I say that the TaylorMade M2 Irons have the best accuracy in the class.

The bottom line is.

These Irons are absolute heaven for those golfers, who want precision and Forgiveness. Other than that, when it comes to distance control, these irons are also right up to the mark.

So what else you want more?


It has a great look, with a strong touch as well. Overall, well-balanced display of the big round head along with vertical slots on the club face. So, I am pleased with the look of the TaylorMade Irons.

Product Features Cavity back Design.

  • Steel & Graphite Shafts.
  • Greater Loft.
  • GW, LW, SW are the additional Clubs.
  • Regular and Stiff Shaft Flex.
  • Pros Pinpoint accuracy.
  • Pinpoint accuracy. Low Center of Gravity (CG).
  • Low Center of Gravity (CG). It holds an appealing Look.
  • It holds an appealing Look. Greater Distance.
  • Greater Distance. Better Speed and Control.
  • Better Speed and Control. Compact Feel.

Compact Feel. Very easy to launch the big shots. Cons Few players have issues with the weight of the face slots.

Conclusion: TaylorMade M1 Irons is a perfect club for those players, who want to hit big. It possesses a great feel with a magnificent look. So, thumbs up from my side.

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Well, Titleist is a trendy brand among the golf players, and everyone knows the class that oozes from their irons. Indeed, Titleist 716 AP1 irons, are one of the very best game improvement irons 2018. Not only that, but also its one of the most forgiving irons in the market.


To be very honest, Titleist never disappoints their fans, and in case of 716 AP1 Irons, the story is not different by any means. It’s considered as the longest and most forging irons set in the 716 range.

The combination of 360° undercut cavity with the heavier tungsten sole makes it the most forging irons set. Not only that but also it helps to reduce the Center of Gravity, which plays a significant role in the gameplay of any golfer.

In addition to that.

The distance control is incredible when you connect the ball to the sweet spot. Titleist 716 AP1 Irons are cut above, then the rest of the game improvement irons, and there is no parallel thought about its performance.


When you first look at the AP1 Irons, you will get the pleasant feelings, and that indicates its brilliance. Overall a swashbuckling irons with an attractive thicker top line. So, just one word “Brilliant” for the looks.

  • Product Features 360° undercut cavity.
  • Chrome and Smoke Finish.
  • True Temper Steel Shafts.
  • Regular, Stiff and X Stiff Shaft Flexes.
  • 3, GW, and SW are the additional Clubs.
  • Pros Smooth Handling.
  • Smooth Handling. Cost efficient.
  • Cost efficient. Greater Forging.
  • Greater Forging. Incredible Distance Control.
  • Incredible Distance Control. Stylish Look.

Stylish Look. Compactness Overloaded. Cons Few guys dislike the chubby look of the irons, otherwise none whatsoever.

Conclusion: 100% marks for the playability and performance of these irons, whereas the looks are also right up there. So, for me, it’s a wonderful, wonderful overall package.

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Most people have no clue about the class of PING GMax Irons, and to be very honest, these irons set is one of the most productive irons in this game improvement category for sure.

Recommended: Best Golf Balls You Must Try For Distance & Feel


With the wider sole, the distance and CG are better than what most of the top golf irons deliver. PING GM Irons are best for higher shots, and that’s the quality of this club.

The best thing about the PING G Max is that it never gets off target, even your miss hits also cover a fair bit of distance. Other than that, it also performs well in rough and tough places, so you can easily launch the ball from the grease or muddy area of the court.

Wait- there’s more.

Because one thing that also excites the player is the crisp sound, you get after hitting the ball. Apparently, it improves your confidence and gameplay.


There is no doubt that the look of PING GMax irons is better than the best in the category. The slightly bigger and heavier heads also put the cherry on the top. So, I like the display of this iron set.

Product Features CFS Distance Shafts.

  • Cavity back Design.
  • Wide Sole Technology.
  • Additional Clubs are 4 and SW.
  • High Handicap range.
  • Pros Low CG.
  • Low CG. Forceful Impact.
  • Forceful Impact. Accurate as an arrow.
  • Accurate as an arrow. 100% Performance.
  • 100% Performance. Immaculate distance Control.
  • Immaculate distance Control. Higher Elevation. Cons Few players showed some weight issues.

Conclusion: To be very honest, I find these irons extremely efficient and helpful in improving your game. Apart from that, it also brings stability to your game. So, I am more than comfortable about picking these irons.

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Without any doubt, Cobra King is one of the pioneers in producing some of the fascinating Golf irons in the sports. Yes, Cobra King Oversize Irons set is also one of them.


It’s a common saying that “ Size Doesn’t matter” but actually in Golf Irons it does. The Cobra King Oversize irons have the largest face in the category, and still producing some fantastic results. So, it means that the theory of size is working for the Cobra King Golf Irons.

That’s not enough…

Because the shell face is things, but stronger than before, so, the golfer has the luxury to launch the ball with a wider scope. Other than that, the risk of the miss hits is also less than the rest of the top Irons.

So, It’s my opinion that the science behind increasing the size is literary working for the Cobra King, and in case of Cobra King Oversize irons, the situation is even more encouraging.


Beautiful in the show, with a traditional big size head producing eye-catching outlook. Closed cavity with a nickel chrome finishes alongside a delicately poised sweet spot. So, overall, you can say that it’s a complete package. Worth a try for sure.

Product Features High-Density Tungsten in the lower part.

  • Nickel Chrome Finish.
  • PWR Shell Face.
  • True Temper Steel Shaft.
  • Cavity Back Design.
  • Pros Bigger Sweet Spot.
  • Bigger Sweet Spot. Nice Blend of Accuracy and Forgiveness.
  • Nice Blend of Accuracy and Forgiveness. Low Risk of miss hits.
  • Low Risk of miss hits. Crisp Sound For Higher Launch.
  • Crisp Sound For Higher Launch. Ideal Consistency. Cons A bit pricey for some folks.

Conclusion: Cobra King Oversize Irons set is a magnificent club to have in your armory. A great overall package with PWR Shell face. So a wonderful option to avail in improving your gameplay.

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Cobra King F7 Irons is quite similar to F6 irons when it comes to shape and set makeup. Cobra King F7 is rated as one of the very best game improvement irons 2018.


The Cobra King F7 Irons is absolutely a dream for any player. You can swing it without any effort, extremely light with the superpower. So, it’s a dream combination to be very honest. One of my favorite and best game improvement irons.


Cobra King has an excellent reputation in the market, and the & Irons are their best product in the game improvement irons category. Along with the super lightweight, it is also like an arrow in accuracy.

The tale doesn’t end here either because the combination of precision and distance control makes this club as a force to reckon. Besides that Playability, Grip, Sound, and Balance are all perfect.


Cobra King is famous for producing some great irons regarding looks. Well, the Cobra King F7 irons also meet the expectation of the fans. The eye-catching design with a beautifully crafted head creates a brilliant display.

Product Features True Temper F7 Steel Shafts.

  • Lamkin Rel Black Grip.
  • Cavity Back Design.
  • Additional Clubs are 4 and SW.
  • Blade Heads.
  • Pros Super light in weight.
  • Super light in weight. Best in a swing.
  • Best in a swing. Provides an Ideal Feel.
  • Provides an Ideal Feel. Center of Gravity is quite low.
  • Center of Gravity is quite low. Affordable. Cons Some low handicappers struggled to get the desired outcomes.

Conclusion: Proper Irons Club, Best in Shape, Fluent in Flow, Not expensive, Clean as a whistle in swing and provides the much-need feel. So I think you don’t need anything else.

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To be very honest, Callaway has some of the best Irons on the market, and when it comes to game improvement irons, then Callaway Steelhead XR is right up there with the very best.


Well, in the past Callaway has produced some outstanding results in the form of the Callaway Big Bertha OS, but this latest Steelhead XR is cut above than the rest.

The excellent “ bore-thru” hosel design technology shifts the mass towards the toe that improves the MOI. So, that’s what you need in a great game improvement iron.

Now, come to the business-end!!!

Initial testing shows that the accuracy and the distance control are pretty good because the sweet spot is slightly bigger than the previous irons. So, if you miss hit the ball, it still travels a fair bit of distance.


As we all know that Callaway has all the trick in their bag to produce some eye-catching Irons. In case of Callaway Steelhead XR, as usual, the outlook is classy. Apart from that, the large-headed frames are love.

Product Features Bore-thru Technology.

  • Chrome Finish.
  • D2 Swing Weight.
  • Callaway Universal Grip.
  • Steel & Graphite Shafts.
  • 3, GW, SW and LW are the additional Clubs.
  • Pros Higher Launch and better feel.
  • Higher Launch and better feel. From Bore-through design you get more forgiveness.
  • From Bore-through design you get more forgiveness. Greater Speed.
  • Greater Speed. Incredible Control & balance.

Incredible Control & balance. Mild Temper. Cons Bit Sluggish in grassy work for a handful people. Otherwise, a brilliant feedback.

Conclusion: Great in Performance, Wonderful in Look, Playability, Accuracy, Distance Control, Balance and Grip are right up to the mark. So I don’t think you need anything more than that.

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Wilson Staff FG Tour V6 Irons Set ooze the class that is hard to get from any other game improvement iron. It’s simply a world class forged iron with a game-changing impact.


The secret recipe behind the compactness and the higher launch is the addition of twenty grams of Tungsten that lowers the CG (Center of Gravity) which is very crucial for the forgiveness.

Undoubtedly, you will rate it as one of the best in the category, because the feel and impact you get while shooting the ball is better than extraordinary.

Another reason for rating the Wilson FG Tour V6 Irons very high is the incredible accuracy and ball control. In short, it’s tough for the critics to find any flaws in it. So, definitely, in the game improvement irons category, FG Tour V6 should be on the top.


I am not wrong if I say that the appearance of these irons is not less than a decorative piece. Yes, the small cavity along with a medium top line makes it quite attractive for sure.

It is getting more basic for individuals to get hair transplant techniques as the strategies continue making strides. It is simply more subtle than in prior times when everybody could recognize a man with awful hair plugs. Yet, there are still a couple of certainties about hair transplant surgery that are not generally known.

1. A large number of men have hair loss or bolding issues. Indeed, half of American men that are 50 years of age or more established are managing some measure of male pattern baldness. Hair issues in today’s general public don’t think so prevailed. Some do it by shaving their heads totally. Others take the accurate inverse course and have hair transplant surgery. The individuals who acknowledge their hair loss may have a sound mind, however they are marginally out of venture with whatever is left of the world.

2. The method is perpetual. On the off chance that you choose you don’t care for the outcomes, it is not as basic as removing a wig to change your hair. You would need to experience numerous surgeries and your head might never appear to be the same. This is the reason you ought to never know any specialist’s offer to do a couple hair unites and perceive how you like it before doing a full hair transplant surgery. When you begin, you are submitted.

3. You require a few days of rest a while later hair transplant surgery. Since the operation is so natural to continue, you may imagine that you can bounce up and go right back to your general exercises. It is only your scalp truth be told, not muscle or bone. The fact of the matter is that you have numerous little injuries and you have to ensure them.

4. Hair transplant can be a period devouring duty. Treatment can frequently last one to two years. Super sessions where a large number of unions are done in one sitting help to abbreviate the general time. In any case, the length of these sessions is frequently tiresome.

5. Hair transplant surgery may be consolidated with different strategies. In the event that you don’t have enough hair, you can’t have a typical hair transplant surgery. In any case, different surgeries can be utilized as a part of conjunction with hair transplant to accomplish comparative results. The distinction is that these techniques are by and large more excruciating.

6. The unions may not survive. Couple of specialists will unveil to you the way that hair unions don’t generally make due after hair transplant surgery. The trust is that just a couple will be lost and the general result won’t endure. Without a doubt is the thing that more often than not happens.

7. Hair transplant medicines don’t cost as much as you think e.g. you may sensibly burn through $12,000 on a hair transplant. On the off chance that you accomplished it at age 30 and died at age 70, you would enjoy the transplant for 40 years.

That would normal out to $300 every year, or $25 every month. A large number of the evidently minimal effort medications for male pattern baldness cost a great deal more than $25 each month. You would save by accomplishing the hair transplant surgery in any case.

Before you look at how to repair that damaged carpet, you need to consider exactly what kind of damage you’ll be repairing. Carpet that has frayed at the edges and pulled away from a wall, for example, will require re-stretching and re-attachment. That procedure is beyond the scope of this page, and you’ll probably need to hire help. Small burns can sometimes be repaired easily by snipping out the burnt fibers and gluing a few new strands in their place. See the page on Carpet Burns for more on that.

For various other types of damage to small areas, there are some basic repair procedures you can use. Minor repairs can be done using the existing carpeting. If, for example, you have a pea-sized ink stain that you can’t remove, you can snip out the stained tufts and replace them. Use small scissors and don’t cut out any more than you need to. Then, use some replacement tufts of carpeting from any extra pieces you have. If there are none, clip out what you need from a closet corner or some other spot where it will not be noticed. Carefully apply waterproof glue to the bottom of the hole where you cut out the damaged fibers. With tweezers or small needle-nose pliers put the new tufts into the spot and make sure that they are pushed into the glue firmly. A toothpick might help if the tweezers are getting glue on them and the fibers are sticking to them.

Cover the spot with a paper towel or two and place a weight on it. The leg of a coffee table or something similar will work. After a couple hours the glue should be dry. Brush the spot with your hand or run a vacuum cleaner over it to make the tufts stand up. Trim any fibers that extend higher than the surrounding carpet and you should have a nearly invisible repair. If damage is larger than can be hidden with a few tufts of fibers, you will need to have a piece of matching carpet to replace the damaged spot. If you don’t have leftovers from the time of installation, your other alternative is to find a closet with the same carpet and cut a piece from the backside of that. In fact, if the damage is obvious, you might be better off removing the carpeting in the closet to use for repairs, and laying down tiles, rather than re-carpeting larger rooms.

To be sure that the new piece fits the spot you cut out, used something to mark the carpet. A plastic cup with a relatively sharp top can work for this, as can a coffee can for larger repairs. Push the cup onto the carpet, being sure it covers the damaged area, Twist a little to leave a circle. Cut along the circle carefully with a carpet knife to remove the damaged spot. Use the same cup or other marking device to mark and cut out the replacement piece, so it will fit precisely. Place the new piece into the hole where the repair is to be done, and turn it until you have the nap of the fibers lined up with the nap on the surrounding carpet. If it is placed in the wrong direction the shading will be different and the carpet repair will be noticeable. You can tell if you have it right when it looks the same on the new piece and surrounding carpet after you brush your hand across it. Remove the piece and lay it alongside the hole being careful to maintain the direction in which it will be laid. Note: A circular replacement piece can be less noticeable than a square or rectangular one. On the other hand, it is easier to cut in straight lines, so the call is yours. Of course, you can always cut a rectangle around your circle cut if it doesn’t work out (as long as you have an additional replacement piece).

Also, be sure with rectangular cuts that you get the direction of the nap right. In the hole, placed carpet tape carefully, cutting and placing a couple pieces if necessary to cover most of the space. Press it down firmly and then remove the backing to expose the other adhesive side. You can also use waterproof glue instead. Place your new piece in the hole carefully and press firmly. If the direction looks right and the fibers at the edges are blending well, you have a good repair–but you’re not done yet. Place a heavy weight on the spot for a couple days, to be sure that the adhesive holds well. You can use a stack of books or a gallon jar full of water (but be sure the outside is dry) for this. Your final test will b when you take the weight off, fluff up the fibers to see that the spot blends in with the surrounding carpet–and then vacuum. Sometimes there will be fibers that are higher than the surrounding ones. When you are sure the adhesive is holding tight, vacuum the area to fluff up the fibers. Then trim any tall fibers to match the level of the surrounding carpet.

Vacuum again and if you did it right the repair might be invisible. Look at the spot from several angles to be sure you have it right. That’s how you can repair carpet that is damaged in a small area — up to the size of a dinner plate. The circular cut works especially well for hiding the repair, by the way, although it may be more difficult than cutting and placing a square piece. This video gives you an idea of how to repair (replace) a section of damaged carpet. The demonstration is of a large repair. If you have smaller spots just follow the steps described above: One common problem you might run into is that your extra pieces of carpet are