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It took me a long time before I could even think about trying gummy candies. The idea of swallowing something that was sticky and hard, made me nervous. But after watching my mother make homemade popsicles with her friends from church, I started to get curious about the candy-like treats. 

I’d always liked gum, so when my mom told me she had some of these new gummy candies in her back pocket, I couldn’t resist asking if I could try one. She agreed, but warned me not to chew them too quickly or swallow them whole. 

The first thing I noticed about this treat is how sweet it tasted. This wasn’t your standard sour candy, which I’m more used to. Instead, Delta 8 uses natural flavors like mint, grapefruit, and lime. When I popped one into my mouth, the sweetness surprised me. It was an interesting take on candy, and I found myself wanting to keep eating them.

But I didn’t want to be wasteful, so I put one aside for later. A few days later, I tried another one. And another. This time, I decided to let the sugar settle into my stomach instead of chewing them all at once. After the initial burst of sweetness, I felt full without being bloated. I was impressed by the consistency of the taste. 

When I got home, I looked up Delta 8 online. Turns out, this gummy brand is owned by General Mills, which owns Cheerios and other cereals. They also own Betty Crocker, which makes baking products. So why would they release their own line of gummy candies? 

General Mills says that Delta 8 thc gummies are designed to be eaten as snacks, similar to the bite-sized pieces of fruit you can find in a plastic baggie. Each piece of the gummy has its own flavor, which means there’s no need to constantly change the flavor of your snack. You won’t have to worry about getting sick of the same taste over and over again. And the company claims that because each piece of candy has its own flavor, they’re easy to digest. 

If you don’t feel like popping a gummy into your mouth, you can opt for a different flavor. Delta 8 comes in three options: cherry cola, strawberry yogurt, and lemonade. When I went to buy some new ones, I opted for cherry cola because I love that flavor. 

As far as what kind of container to use, the website encourages people to bring their own containers. However, if you want to purchase some, they come in boxes of 16 for $7.99. 

After seeing the results of the first batch, I was ready to give Delta 8 a shot. But I wanted to do a little research before purchasing any more. So I reached out to a friend who works in nutrition science. I asked him if he thought they were healthy. He said some of the ingredients sounded good (like the natural flavoring) but he wouldn’t recommend them for kids under 12 years old. He noted that children often have trouble chewing and swallowing gummy candies.

He recommended looking into the American Academy of Pediatrics’ guidelines. According to the AAP, kids should avoid foods that contain artificial colors and dyes, as well as added sugars. Kids ages four and older should limit themselves to six ounces of candy a week. 

This information gave me pause. While I was happy to learn that most of the ingredients were natural, I was concerned about the size of the package. Six ounces is a lot of candy per day! Especially since I was only using them for snack purposes. Plus, they cost more than regular gummies. So I did some more digging around in the search bar.

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