The Benefits of Using Essential Oil Incense Sticks for Sleep

Sleep is essential to our overall health and wellbeing, yet millions of people struggle with poor quality sleep. Incense sticks infused with essential oils are a popular tool among those looking to improve their sleep quality. This article will discuss the benefits of using essential oil incense sticks for sleep, as well as how to use them effectively.

What Are Essential Oil Incense Sticks?

Essential oil incense sticks come in a variety of scents and are made from all-natural ingredients such as aromatic plants, herbs, spices, wood chips, and other natural materials that have been blended together. The combination of these ingredients results in an aroma that can be calming and balancing for your mood. When burned properly, these incense sticks can create a pleasant atmosphere conducive to relaxation and better sleep.

How Do Essential Oil Incense Sticks Help Improve Sleep Quality?

When it comes to improving your sleep quality, there are many benefits associated with using essential oil incense sticks. These include:

  • Reducing Stress & Anxiety:

The soothing aroma produced by burning incense can help reduce stress and anxiety levels before bedtime which can lead to improved sleep quality.

  • Improving Mood:

The scent produced by burning incense has been shown to have positive effects on moods which in turn can result in better overall sleep patterns throughout the night.

  • Clearing Air Pollutants:

Burning incense helps clear airborne pollutants from the air which can aid in better breathing during one’s slumber.

How To Use Essential Oil Incense Sticks For Sleep?

Using essential oil incense sticks for sleep is quite simple but should be done correctly for maximum benefit. Here are some tips on how best to use them:

  • Choose An Aromatic Scent You Enjoy –

Different aromas work differently for different people so choose one you like or find relaxing so that when used it creates a pleasant environment conducive to restful nights.

  • Place Them In A Safe Area –

Take care not to place them near any flammable items or too close to any open flames such as candles as this could be dangerous if left unattended while burning.

  • Burn Them At Night –

It’s best practice to burn your incenses at night time just before going off to bed as this allows the smell time to fill up the room slowly providing ample relaxation time ahead of sleeping hours.


Essential oil incenses offer many benefits when used right before sleeping including reducing stress & anxiety levels, improving moods, clearing air pollutants, and creating a more relaxed atmosphere-all of which contribute significantly towards achieving better quality restful nights which ultimately translates into better days ahead!

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