The Importance Of A Well Balanced Finish To The Golf Swing

Complete the swing in a well balanced controlled position like Rory McIlroy for consistently longer and straighter golf shots.

There are two different methods a golfer can try to hit more consistent golf shots. Firstly they can take their swing apart and stick it back together movement by movement. This is the most common method taught by professionals. It starts with improving the stance and one piece takeaway, followed by perfecting the backswing, going onto groove the downswing and eventually the finish position. The end product of a great swing can clearly be seen when Rory McIlroy hits the ball – his balance and control are superb.

Most golfers who have had lessons will recognise this logical strategy. But there is another approach a golfer can try if they are disillusioned with the more traditional method. Simply concentrating on a well balanced finish can have a surprisingly positive effect on the rest of the golf swing.

The Benefits of a Well Balanced Finish

If a golfer finishes correctly they will have had to carry out certain important movements during the downswing.

They will have had to transfer weight onto the front foot.

Their body will have turned towards the target, with their belt buckle facing the hole ensuring maximum swing width through impact.

Their right foot will have swivelled into a vertical position which will again have ensured weight transference.

Their hands and arms will have worked correctly ensuring a full release of the club.

Common Swing Faults and the Finish Position

If a golfer has mechanical faults on the backswing and downswing and swings to a natural finish, certain characteristics will be visible.

A slicer will traditionally have their body weight stuck on the back foot.

They will have held the club open through impact making the shaft finish in a horizontal position.

Their right foot will be trapped on the ground.

Their shoulders will have spun open giving the overall appearance of a general lack of balance.

On the other hand a hooker will have flipped the hands over through impact making the shaft finish in a vertical position. Their body will not have turned towards the target with the belt buckle pointing at the flag. The overall appearance will be of the golfer toppling forwards and over balancing.

Can a Good Finish to the Swing be Faked?

If a golfer has tried having lessons and is still unable to improve, concentrating on a good finish is worth trying. Even if a golfer has to fake a good finish to begin with, it can start to straighten out those unwanted hooks and slices.

In the case of someone who slices, if the club is swung into the correct finish position, where the shaft is more vertical, it will mean the hands have had to release the club head through impact. This will turn a slice into a straight pull which is much easier to correct than a slice. For someone who hooks the ball, finishing with the body turned correctly towards the target will help stop the hands flipping over at impact.

At the beginning when trying this method, even if the golfer has to force themselves artificially into a good finish, it will lead to straighter longer golf shots.

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