The Role of Competitions in the Jiu Jitsu Academy Experience

Martial Arts, especially Jiu Jitsu, have been around for centuries and have always had an important role in culture. It has become a popular sport due to its physical and mental benefits. As such, competitions have also come to form an integral part of the Jiu Jitsu academy experience. By encouraging students to compete, academies facilitate growth in both skill levels and confidence levels among their students.

What are Competitions?

Competitions are tournaments that pit two or more martial artists against each other. The goal is for one participant to demonstrate higher levels of skill than the other by applying techniques with precision and control. Matches can be an individual or team event; they can either follow a set rule system or be done via submission only (wherein the winner is determined when one opponent ‘taps out’). At the highest level of competition, some events even include cash prizes for those who place first in their respective divisions.

Benefits of Competition

Competition plays a huge role in helping practitioners improve their skills as well as grow on a personal level. Initially, participants may find themselves intimidated by competing but this serves as a great opportunity to learn life lessons such as how to handle stress and pressure situations – something that will continue to benefit them long after competition day is over. Additionally, competing allows practitioners to measure their progress objectively while giving them valuable feedback from outside sources such as judges which helps them push further towards reaching their goals. Most importantly, it provides them with motivation which helps give structure and direction to their training sessions and keeps pushing them forward toward excellence.

Finding the Right Competition

In order for practitioners to get the most out of participating in competitions, it is important that they select appropriate ones that match their skill levels, playing styles, and preferences. For instance, someone who prefers stand-up techniques would benefit more from tournaments that allow strikes whereas someone else who favors ground games would enjoy grappling matches more instead. Similarly, younger participants should look for age-appropriate competitions where they can safely practice without risking injury or facing opponents who possess much better technical abilities, thus providing an equal playing field.

Preparing Properly

Once you have chosen your tournament, it is important that you prepare yourself mentally and physically so that you can perform at your best on fight day. This includes everything from creating a proper diet plan, conditioning exercises, regularly reviewing technique drills, visualization exercises, etc., all of which will help ensure success on fight day.

Participate respectfully

Above all, it is important that competitors not only respect themselves but also show respect to others by demonstrating good sportsmanship throughout the tournament. It doesn’t matter if you win or lose, what matters most is how you conduct yourself in the ring. In addition, competitors should show humility throughout the matches, regardless of the outcome, as this will bring honor not only to themselves but also to their academy/instructor.


In conclusion, competitions play an essential part in any Mixed Martial Arts practitioner’s journey, allowing them to grow both technically & mentally; however, they must ensure that they are properly prepared prior to participate & conduct themselves respectfully once inside the mat/ring if they are to gain any real benefit from them.

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