Want to Have That Dark Academia Aesthetic? Here is How You Can

The recent years have seen the developing trends of many aesthetics – be it soft boy/girl, cottage core, normcore, or some other type. None of these have made it as big as the dark academia aesthetic. If you have been active on social media for some time now, you might be familiar with style trends with #DarkAcademia. Not only on Instagram, but the hashtag could also be seen all over TikTok, Tumblr, and Twitter. Today, it has been so popular that it is difficult to believe it was a lesser-known fashion. 

What is Dark Academia?

Dark academia is something that draws the love of learning. Its concept focuses on schooling, writing, reading, journals, arts, and Gothic and Greek cultures. It is a way of living more than dressing. 

Dark Academia fashion

The dark academic fashion takes its cue from the clothing is worn by Cambridge, Oxford, and Ivy League and boarding school students in the 1940s. The clothes are linked with blazers, silk blouses, trousers, cardigans, and low-heel shoes. 

Dressing like Dark Academia

To have a Dark Academia dressing sense, you must mix the sophisticated, classic style with a slight hint of mystery. The fashion trend can be broken down into the following categories:

colors primary colors of dark academia are black, brown, tan, burgundy, gray, and olive green (put the earthy colors). You can use beige and white pieces as secondary colors. The primary colors must be on the darker side. Bright colors don’t go well with this fashion style. 

  • Clothing 

The main clothing items of dark academia are mentioned below paragraphs. The tops include turtlenecks and elegant blouses. You can also wear polo shirts, knit vests, and knit sweaters in earthy tones. Cardigans and blazers are quite an excellent choice to add some layers. The goal of the tops is to keep muted tones and colors – no crazy patterns. If you want to go with patterns, go with plaid. Knit details also make the tops enjoyable. 

The bottoms are also kept classy and elegant, just the same way as the tops. The timeless options include pintuck, cropped, pleat, and trousers with a belt. Plaid miniskirts are also a good choice. Linen bottoms like shorts and pants go well in summers. Don’t opt for ripped jeans if you want to go with jeans. Boyfriend or mom jeans in dark wash colors are fantastic.

You can add trench coats, plaid coats, or dad coats for outerwear. A straight cut is a more suitable kind. Leave your belt hanging or tie a knot at the back. 

  • Accessories

The accessories with dark academia style are simple silk scarves and headbands with earthly and muted tones. A beautifully crafted classic belt can add a final touch to your outfit. 

Classic link necklaces and pendant necklaces are timeless options coming to the jewelry and bags. Don’t go over the top with rings and bracelets. However, you can add a vintage watch. A vintage bag pack and cross-body bag can be your pick with bags. And make sure the bag is big enough to fit in your books. After all, it is Dark Academia. 

You couldn’t be more wrong if you think the Dark Academia aesthetic trend is only limited to students. You can also jump on the bandwagon if you share the love for reading and writing or if you love the style. 

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