Waterproof Dog Coats That Cover Belly

The winter is fast approaching and it’s never the fanciest season for pets, at least for dogs. As temperatures dip below 40 F, some dogs cannot just put up.

As an avid pet keeper, I have strived to make sure that my 3-year-old Christie is not stunned by the winter dip.

Christie is not your hardcore gal in the chills. She practically pulls into shivers and she cannot just take it. After all, her coat isn’t that overly-furred.

I learned how super important covering the dog’s belly was when I visited the Vet. He recommended a list of substantial waterproof coats that could cover the chest, back and the belly.

In my research, my top pick Hurtta Pet Collection Summit Parka is not only a high-quality product but also comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate many dogs.

These dog coats are resistant to water and keep the dog warm and dry even in cold weather. In this guide, I explore the different kinds of coats for insulation that will help your canine put up with the Winter Fall and still come out sound and safe in the end.

This is Why Your Dog Needs a Waterproof Dog Coat

Dog apparel for winter is no doubt a necessity for any serious pet lover. I know many pet owners are aware of the importance of these wears in cold weather.

The waterproof dog coats that cover belly are going to supply warmth and dryness for your shorter-haired dog so that he’s perfectly sound in both mental and physical health during winter.

With mercury plummeting fast down the tube, even a splash of snow on your dog’s underside or chest can be damaging if it happens consistently. So, with a waterproof dog coat, this additional insulation can be worth a consideration.

Neck-to-tail protection provided by the coats and jackets is vital when your pet buddy is venturing outside with you most of the time. You want to make sure that his body is not getting wetted all over.

With a snug fit of the coat, your canine companion is definitely comfortable. Most of these apparels are crafted not to be tight or interfere with the comfort of your pet.

The other great thing is that you will have a stress-free ride through the cold. There’s nothing that hurts more when your little buddy is not at ease. However, your fears will be definitely eliminated so that you are at peace.

The coats are going to be a key essential for your poodles when you shave them. And in such condition, yet in icy winter days and nights, you know that these apparels are going to be the perfect real-time investment.

What to Look for When Purchasing Waterproof Dog Coats that Cover Belly

There are a number of things you must consider before purchasing a dog coat. It was never going to be smooth to secure the perfect fit of this apparel.

The best waterproof dog coats with chest and belly protection should be able to fit your dog snug and fine. Here are quick tips on how to buy a dog coat.


It would only be fair if the function feature came in the front. You must look for a product that would cover your dog’s belly completely without leaving any part exposed.

You want to block any instances of water splash and wetting of the underbelly. The next aspect is chest protection which should be prioritized to avoid the chest from being wet as well as being affected by cold blowing winds.

The dog coats with legs may come a long way to help your miniature dogs. Check for this leg protection feature if the circumstance demands.


To keep your dog dry and warm, you cannot play down the material quality. Is this material waterproof?

The outer shell should be splash-proof, polyester material with a waterproof label. A Ripstop Nylon Fabric is also another top-quality material.

Keep in mind that the waterproofness will not keep away all the water from your dog. But will actually withstand a certain level of wetness.

Fit and Comfort

It’s required that you find a snug fit apparel for your dog friend. You may need to physically measure the neck-to-tail area and then find a suitable cut.

While it’s not easy to locate a perfect match, the act of measuring serves as an estimative guideline. Worth noting that a tight coat or jacket may only strangulate your pet instead of administering comfort.

Safety and Warmth

Good insulation is very important for the warmth of your dog. Most waterproof dog coats that cover belly are stuffed with fleece to help boost your dog’s body temperature.

When it comes to safety, some of these wear come with reflective piping or patches. This allows your dog friend to be seen from far by road users on traffic.

Waterproof Dog Coats that Cover Belly and Chest Reviews

You are going to find the Ruffwear Sun Shower your dog’s coat of choice if you will be wading in the rainy surroundings. So, it’s not the true-to-type waterproof dog coat for walking in ice-cold condition but will do just fine in the rain to avoid wetting your dog.

What this means is that this coat is the best option for dogs operating in weathers which are not so cold to warrant a warm jacket.

Coming as a coat for dogs with chest girths ranging from 13-42 inches, the Ruffwear Sun Shower has no insulation. But it is a waterproof apparel that repels water well and keeps your dog dry as he navigates the wet walks.

The lightweight coat is quite easy to put on and gives your dog the edge in cuteness. It does not come with an opening to attach a leash for walking your dog but rather allows you to only walk with a collar.

The fact that the dog coat can fit on the backs of different dogs makes it a super product ideal for what you expect it to do.

With easy-to-attach buckles (for humans) and hard to remove (for dogs), Ruffwear has hit it right on spot.

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