Why you will find private note useful?

Private note is currently a very popular way to communicate the secret messages to your specific colleague. Hence, except the receiver of the message and the sender unknown will be able to view the content of the note by any chance. 

Is it secure?

Most of the apps through which you will be able to send the private notes, use very strong encryption for sending private messages. Hence, there is no chance for any third person to check the note you are sending. Any spy will not be able to view the note by any chance. Even the app itself will not have any access to find out the message. After the recipient reads the message, the message is going to be purged by the app automatically. Even if the message remains unread, the app is going to purge the same within 30 days.

How it is useful:

There are many reasons for which you may want to use the private messages. 

  • If you have to send any secret message like server configuration, WIFI password, recovery codes or other information which is required to be sent to a particular agent without providing any intimation to any other agent, then sending the private message is going to be the best option.
  • If you are reassigning any of the task to another agent and you want to inform him or her about any specific information, then sending him or the private notes will be the best possible idea. You will be able to send the message to the specific person for whom the message is applicable.

How it can be used:

In most of the apps through which you can send private messages, you will get a dashboard in which you will get an option called ‘write note’ on which you can click and you will get a box opened where you can write the private note. You can write the note in the box and the assign it to any particular e-mail id by writing ‘@’ signage followed by the recipient’s e-mail id. The message will be sent to that particular e-mail id in a completely encrypted way.

When you are sending any private note to any agent, it is always better to highlight the note with a different color. The message will be in-line with the issue presented in the box. Hence, it is important to highlight the note so that it is not sent to the end user by any chance mistakenly. 

How much you need to pay:

Most of the apps currently available online through which you can send the private notes are providing service free of cost. You don’t need to pay any single penny for sending the private notes through these apps. In some of the apps there is a subscription fee involved. 

Hence, you don’t need to think about any budget for downloading these apps online. You only need to check the security features the app is providing. Security features and the speed of the delivery of the messages are the two most important things that you need to check before selecting a particular app.

Private note can be very much useful in terms of keeping privacy in sharing information in an office environment. If it is used correctly, then you will be able to send the specific message to the particular recipient whom it is supposed to be sent. Except the person whom you have intended to check the message, no third person will be able to see the message by any chance. Hence, it can surely be considered as one of the safest way to send private things to your specific colleagues. 

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