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Owners of firearms buy handguns for protection, hunting, sports, or gun mania. It is essential to maintain the physical features of the firearm in terms of look and operations. Regular cleaning is required for the safe use of the weapon. Like any tool, guns have parts that are at the risk of wear and tear. Most importantly, the components have friction between them. Constant usage, along with the metal friction, can damage the action, hammer, and rest of the elements, so most users purchase the best gun oil for Glocks

Options available for cleaning the firearms

Gun lubricants perform complex duties when compared to the other machine lubricants. The chosen liquids must have the capacity to operate under hot temperatures and provide a reasonable pressure buffer among the moving components. You may not be aware of this, but the weapons can hit temperatures as high as 392F, meaning only the best lubricants are to be used, facilitating buffer under uncertain conditions like the intense temperatures, cool weather, and humid conditions. However, the question in a few minds remains unanswered; gun grease or gun oil?

What are the benefits of lubricating and cleaning a gun?

The rubbing parts are susceptible to wear and tear due to friction, corrosion, and buildup. Cleaning the tool will avoid jamming, corrosion, and rust.

  • Increased reliability:

A well-maintained arm has negligible chances to misfire or accidental discharge, meaning you are safe from undesired consequences. 

  • Greater accuracy:

Particles of plastic, carbon, lead, steel, and copper are released within the fouling when the arm is used. Accumulation of these particles will negatively affect the weapon’s accuracy when on duty. But, with lubricated parts, the accuracy is undisturbed and sharp. 

  • Longer lifespan:

Good maintenance of a gun will prevent corrosion damage and reduce buildup and friction, thus leading to an increased lifespan of the tool. 

Difference between gun oil and gun grease

It is necessary to use an excellent dedicated solvent before applying gun oil. Negligence to do so will cause a thick buildup and greasy residue that can deter the condition and performance of the weapon. One important point to note is to use lubricant oil to wipe down the arm before storing it. Gun grease is almost the same as gun oil, but it is a synthetic composition made especially for the lubrication of guns. It can tolerate high temperatures and pressures between the parts when fired. 

Why gun oil over grease?

  • The oil has thin liquid consistency compared to the grease and can lead to lesser buildup. 
  • It is liquid; it quickly reaches the inner parts, unlike the grease.
  • It prevents rusting among components when contacted by moisture and ultimately prevents rust formation.   

Isn’t it clear why one must prefer gun oil? There are no reasons except for a few drawbacks; as the liquid is thinner, it could overflow, cause jamming, and accumulate dirt, which could be an issue for a few weapons’ functionalities. This is why one must buy only reliable stuff like the best gun oil for Glocks.